CommsConnectUS (CCUS) is a free service. We invite other well established groups to join us as “Partner Groups” and utilize the benefits or volunteer within our structure.

As with most good things, there are rules and requirements.


1.)  For us to ensure that we efficiently partner with the “right” group owners and groups, you must agree to invite three members of our vetting team into your group so that we may review posts, comments, activity and topics. The CCUS Director will identify 3 members of our Vetting team to be added at time of your request to join.

2.) During this vetting process, you will agree to make each of the three Vetting team members an Admin in your group temporarily. This is so that we can review moderating activity, group insights and group quality activity to review reported Facebook violations.

3.) Upon review of group activity, the vetting team will discuss with the CCUS Director to determine qualifications and make a final determination regarding your request for participation.

4.) The vetting process may include conversations with the group owner and/or admins assigned to oversee the group.

5.) Conversations may be by email, Facebook private message or telephone. Please provide your email address and telephone number upon submission of your request to participate in the CommsConnectUS program.

6.) Depending on scheduling, the vetting process may take as much as 7 days.


1.) Groups that permit discussions or comments that suggest looting, raiding, pirating, taking advantage of a person or group in time of emergency, crisis or SHTF scenario, condoning any type of illegal activity, militia, or lack of admin oversight to identify and remove such comments or otherwise approve of same will be immediately disqualified.

2.) The CommsConnectUS mission is to provide free emergency services for the purpose of HELPING people. CommsConnectUS must be permitted, at their discretion, to access and utilize your group for posts, to post or look through your member’s list for the purpose of same to search for assistance in specific areas in the event of an EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE request. No member who assists our team will ever be asked to place themselves in danger.

3.) After review and upon acceptance of your group, one of the vetting team that you have given Admin status will set your group up for auto membership into CCUS and share mutual Group recommendations. This action is specifically so that we may link CCUS and your group together for auto-approval of membership and recommendation between groups. CCUS will also place a link to your group, on their website and Facebook Group page.

No group settings or other actions will be taken within your private group, and CCUS will never share a Partner Group’s membership lists or membership information with any other Group (including other Partner Groups).

4.) You agree to make CCUS’s Director, James White (Mike) a permanent Moderator in your group so that the membership list can be accessed accordingly as identified in #2 above.

5.) You agree to use a pre-scripted rollout announcement and coordinate the rollout in your group with the Director of CommsConnectUS. There will be corresponding announcements in the associated Comms groups welcoming you.

6.) Abusive, offensive or sexually explicit language by your members in any of our associated groups may be grounds for termination of the partnership.

7.) No promoting, bartering, selling any goods or services, recruiting membership for militia, III% organizations OR promoting your group.

CommsConnectUS – “Partner Groups”, and Assignees RELEASE FROM LIABILITY/HOLD HARMLESS:

As a willing participant in the CommsConnectUS-Program, by acceptance of the partnership agreement (acknowledged by proceeding forward), understand and accept that this service is voluntarily accepted and administered.

CommsConnectUS-Partner understands that CommsConnectUS, its “Partner Groups”, nor any assignees guarantees the safety of, nor accept responsibility for, CommsConnectUS-Emergency Assistance requests, nor those responding to assist.

Partner groups release all identified assignees from any liability and address to HOLD HARMLESS, all assignees, volunteers and participants and hereby acknowledge and accept the terms as outlined above.