Operations are large extended incidents due to the size, scope, longevity, or complexity of an event (Regional/national incidents, i.e., hurricanes, large wildfires, widespread floods, blizzards, etc). During Operations, CCUS works closely with other “Assist Organizations” (such as The Louisiana Cajun Navy, LA Storm Patrol, SOS, our CCUS Disaster Medical Teams, as well as several Disaster Response Teams. CCUS helps in coordinating and performing searches, rescues, message relays, wellness checks, medical checks, etc.

No CCUS participant will ever knowingly be asked to place themselves in a dangerous situation.

During operations, we depend greatly upon our CCUS participants submitting periodic Situation Reports (SitReps), in and around effected areas. This helps us tremendously in placing, staging, and dispatching our assets more efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Click here to submit a SitRep (Situation Report)


Missions differ from Operations, in that they are not extended exercises, but are rather shorter term, or smaller in size, scope, or complexity (i.e., “Travelers,” rescues, welfare checks, message relays, etc). There may be many Missions within a single Operation.


CCUS’s “Traveler” Program provides an added layer of safety and peace of mind for those  on extended road trips, traveling through isolated or remote areas, or those traveling alone, who wish to have the means of another layer of assistance, should they need it.

Travelers complete and submit a “Flight Plan” of their trip, prior to their departure. Every CCUS-Traveler Mission is code named, the details of which are known only by our CommsConnectUS Ops Team members (and are kept in the strictest of confidence).

Click here to submit a “Traveler-Flight Plan”

Should any CCUS participant ever have an emergency and need assistance, NEVER broadcast  your name, specific location, or any personal information, just that you have an emergency  A CCUS-Ops Team member will establish direct contact with on our “CommsConnectUS-EMERGENCY ASSIST” Zello channel, to establish a private Comms route.