CCUS-Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly does CCUS do?
Should a CCUS member need assistance while traveling or during a natural/manmade disaster, we do our utmost to identify nearby available assets/resources, which are willing/able to assist. We then coordinate the response of that assistance, and remain in constant private communication with both throughout the incident.

Our internal assets/resources include our huge pool of 250,00+ members of our CCUS-Partner Groups, our extensive CCUS-HAMNet Ham Radio Operators, and our CCUS-Zello Corp. Our external assets/resources include other “Assist Organizations” which we work closely with and help coordinate (The Louisiana Cajun Navy, Louisiana Storm Patrol, SOS, and several volunteer Disaster Medical Teams, etc.), as well as at times, interfacing directly with Emergency Services.

Missions include “Traveler” overwatch, and during disasters: welfare checks, medical checks, message relays, and notification and coordination of rescue assets/resources. We also provide ongoing updates on issues and incidents, such as severe weather, civil unrest, and hazards to health and safety (example: the spread of the Corona Virus), which may affect our CCUS participants.

We also provide dedicated/encrypted communication systems, real-time tracking for field personnel, and Emergency Assist Request intake, processing, and archiving, for our numerous volunteer disaster response partner groups.

Is it safe?
It’s as safe as anything else is in life. As an example, let’s say you are a retired firefighter, and you need Emergency Assistance in a distance city far from home. Wouldn’t you rather have another firefighter respond to assist you, even if you did not know them personally? This is the same concept. Like-minded people, willing to come to the assistance of another like-minded person in need of assistance. No one will ever be asked to knowingly place themselves in danger.

All CCUS Missions are code named, and the only ones who know any sensitive information (real name, location, etc.) of either those requesting emergency assistance, or, those responding to assist in an Emergency Assist request, are our CCUS Ops Team members.

Who can participate in CCUS?
Any member of one of our Partner Groups may participate.

Can I invite my friends to join CCUS?
At this time, we are only accepting members of our Partner Groups to participate in the CCUS program.

How much does it cost?
Not one thin dime. CCUS is a huge volunteer pool of over 250,000 like-minded people (including our vast network of Ham Radio Operators, who are ready, willing, and able to offer assistance should it be needed.

Do I need to be a Ham Radio Operator to join or to be involved?
Absolutely not. The majority of our members are not Ham Radio Operators. All you need is the willingness and ability to help someone nearby should they have an emergency.

How do I let CCUS know if I need Emergency Assistance?
There are several ways that Emergency Assist requests can be submitted, but the most common way is by using  on our “CommsConnectUS-EMERGENCY ASSIST” Zello channel. This channel is monitored by our Ops Team 24/7/365.  (NEVER broadcast your name, specific location, or any personal information). A CCUS-Ops Team member will immediately establish direct contact, then establish a private communications channel.

The Zello app, is a free PTT “Push To Talk” walkie-talkie type app that requires very little signal strength to use. For those not yet familiar with Zello, we have “Zello: How to…” videos are available in the “Zello Tutorial” page of this website.

Is there a place where I can get the latest news on important issues?
Yes. Our CommsConnectUS-Discord page ( is where we post the latest news on current important issues. We only post items that are: 1) from a reliable source, 2) has been confirmed by a secondary source, or, 3) first hand knowledge. Everything we post, has first been approved by our Ops Team.

I am a newly licensed Ham Radio Operator, but have no radio yet. Can I participate in the CCUS-HAMNet?
Absolutely! An important part of our HAMNet is our EchoLink channel. Just download the EchoLink app on your phone or computer, and search for “CommsConnectUS” or “KO4DMY-L”. Connect, and you are now part of this important program!

Is CCUS a national program only?
No, though our international assets/resources are somewhat more limited than those in the U.S., we have performed successful “Traveler Missions” in Italy, Australia, Ukraine, France, Germany, and Russia, and have coordinated rescues as far away as Victoria, Australia.

{All who participate in CommsConnectUS do so voluntarily, and neither CCUS, it’s Partner Groups, nor any of its Assignees are responsible for the safety of any participant in the CCUS Program.}