“I just wanted give a huge shout out to the CommsConnectUS Team that kept watch over my husband’s trip across the country this week. He drove the trip alone, so I felt much better knowing there were people looking out for him along the way. Luckily, the trip went smoothly, but they all stood by to help the minute he needed it. Thank you guys!!”
Jessica P.
“Last June I filled out a Flight Plan with the CommsConnectUS crew for a trip to Jekyll Island. They were awesome. I knew I had someone to contact if we needed help. We messaged back and forth several times over the duration of the trip. They even checked to make sure I made it home., because I forgot to let them know. When I take my next trip I will definitely file another Flight Plan.”
Amanda O.
“I use this service (CommsConnectUS) constantly, as I travel up to 20 days a month. These guys are amazing. I always feel so much safer knowing this group is there if and when I need them.”
Kay M.
“I live in the Florida panhandle and over the past year this area has experienced some extraordinarily bad weather, During this time CommsConnectUS was there giving us advance warnings and checking on our safety and well being. Their network is amazing and quick to respond. I feel safer knowing I have CommsConnectUS’s support and overwatch should the need arise.”
Robin H.
“I have used CommsConnectUS many times for safety when traveling across country alone or to get the AlertUSA info. We don’t have an AlertUSA subscription and really appreciate the time and effort that goes into the good intel we get from y’all. I highly recommend CommsConnectUS!”
Teresa V.
“Last summer we traveled by car to lower peninsula of Michigan, to Nigara Falls, then up through Canada, and then back home, and CommsConnectUS was with us the whole way. I checked in at certain waypoints via the Zello app. Nice feeling someone cared to keep an ear out for us. This was completed by filing a Flight Plan, it was easy!”
Patrick C.
“Thank you for keeping track of me as I drove from Texas to Michigan!”